About us!

Do you like unique baits and colorations that not everyone else has? If so, you've come to the right place!

Good to know!

We manufacture and paint both our own and other people's products! Having said that, we often come up with unique gadgets that are not so easy to get hold of elsewhere. We try to listen to the customer's wishes and keep up with what is in demand at the moment. We are constantly trying to develop and come up with new ways to walk around bait varnishing & manufacturing. The page will be constantly replenished with new products and colors.

This business is run entirely alongside another full-time job so we will not be able to provide the same support as a full-time business. But we will always strive to do our best! It also means that it can take a different amount of time for a product that is out of stock to come back in, and demand will always dictate IF it comes back in. So if it's something you're hooked on, don't wait too long! Since we are self-sufficient in what we do, it is of course never an impossibility for us to revive an old color scheme again just for you, even if it would no longer be relevant on the page! HOWEVER, we would like to point out that it depends entirely on the workload at the moment and there will be no time guarantee!

We hope you will enjoy the page and that you will find lots of baits that will give you lots of catches! :)

We are always looking for capture photos taken of our products or paint jobs! Send it to [email protected] or to us on Facebook or Instagram and you and your team will most likely end up on our social media if you want! A plus is with the bait in the mouth of the fish! :) Tag with name or team name!

Best wishes!