SQ - Pink Stripe

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FK customs own trolling spoon in very high quality!

12 Cm

15 grams without hook and rings!

A very well thought out trolling spoon. Made entirely of stainless steel! Has a very nice walking gait that shows off both sides very nicely.

Stable spoon that does not bend so easily due to large salmon and scrapings! But still "trimmable" for those who like to work!

Optimal speed record according to us is approx. 2.2 - 2.8 knots. But it is of course possible to fish with it even outside that "span".

The spoon feels very genuine and exclusive to hold.

Available in many nice colorways that come and go all the time! As we have an incredible number of color combinations, we cannot possibly keep them all in stock at the same time. So that's why we run a rotating map of colors. When someone runs out, another comes in for a while, etc. There is also a tab where you can read about "ordering a color" which is out of the side menu!

The tape on some variants has a fantastic shine in the sun.

Painted by hand with airbrush by Fredrik Kvist who runs FK custom

NOTE: through the webshop, the spoons are only sold with rings mounted