SK - Märket flash

  • 99 kr

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Article Number: 1042

FK customs own trolling spoon in very high quality! Holds too many salmons! 

This heavy version is for you that likes to fish between 2,2-2,8kn and want to be sure the spoon fishing all the time. It won't break so easily. Its caught many big fishes.

A spoon that is very tolerant of flowing water and messy lake!

15 Cm

About 25 grams without hook and rings!

A very well thought out trolling spoon. Made entirely of stainless steel! Has a very nice walking gait that shows off both sides very nicely.

Stable spoon that does not bend so easily due to large salmon and scrapings!

Optimal speed record according to us is approx. 2.2 - 2.8 knots. But it is of course possible to fish with it even outside that "span".

The spoon feels very genuine and exclusive to hold.

The tape on some variants has a fantastic shine in the sun.

Painted by hand with airbrush by Fredrik Kvist who runs FK custom

Sells without hooks