BKK - Spear-21 SS UVC (Chartreuse) strl 2/0 (5-pack)

  • 129 kr

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Article Number: BKKUVC20

After the monster success with the Spear 21 UVO, BKK continues its innovative track with a Spear 21 hook in UV Chartreuse color. We don't doubt for a second that these will be as effective as BKK UV Orange is!

In Spear 21, BKK has taken the development of treble hooks to a new level. The hooks have about 20% extra strength thanks to a special welding. The UV color that the hooks are treated with provides high contrast and visibility in the water, especially at greater depths. The hook can be advantageously used as an extra bite point on your hard baits or jigs. You can use the smaller sizes on spinners, spoon pulls or even balancers instead of a light hook.