BKK SPEAR-21 UVO. Orange strl 4 - 6 pack

  • 99 kr

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Article Number: BKKUVO4

The BKK Spear-21 UVO is developed for deep freshwater fishing to allow anglers to fish effectively in low light situations as well as deep and dark waters. The color of the hook ensures that the predators can see the bait from further away and the color also makes it easier for the fish to aim at the bait when striking.

BKK's Orange Ultra Violet (UV) color provides a high contrast, visibility and shines as long as there is UV light in the water. As UV light penetrates much further than normal light, these hooks shine at a deeper depth than you might think.

The combination of a round hook bend and thin stock (1X) gives a good penetration ability and penetration depth with relatively light counterstabs.

A carefully forged hook shank increases strength by up to 20%, resulting in a much more durable hook. In addition, the moderate length of the hook shank means that the hook can be used on a wide variety of baits.